Vicki Hill

Vicki HillBuggyfit Location: Bristol.

What is your favourite childhood memory? Being horse mad when I was young, I used to set up a course around the garden, over bumps and using a rope around the handle bars as my reins!! Spent hours out in the summer evenings riding my imaginary horse!!

What is your best claim to fame? When I was working for CLIC Sargent on one campaign I had to get Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen, Barry McGuigan and Jodie Kidd all on a bed together for the photo!!

If you could invent an ice cream flavour what would it be?
I dont eat much ice cream & I think you can get most ice cream flavours now but if I had Ice cream it would still have to be something like a chocolate brownie flavour – You can probably get that already, not sure?!!

What is your favourite book and tv programme? Favourite book – hard as there are a couple I have really loved, ranging from TimeTravellers Wife to the Pat Barker triology – Regeneration being my most memorable. TV programmes – I dont really watch much TV but did used to love ER

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