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To tweet or not to tweet………….

Sadly this week has bought a ‘backlash’ of tweets suggesting Buggyfit are anything but compassionate about new Mums.

The problem with twitter I have found in the past,  is that one ‘tweeter’ reads a statement out of context and comments, and other followers then reply to that, rather than reading the original or better still researching the source of the statement in the first place.  This is where I miss the communication simplicity of the good old traditional telephone as unlike email, text, twitter and facebook things are generally understood in the manner they are meant, but unlike social media it is between 2 people and we can’t spread our message as we can with social media.

Firstly, I am learning that whilst I usually (as a friendly, warm compassionate human being, Daughter, Mother and Wife and not just a twitter address) use many words to express my feelings in life, twitter only allows me 140 characters.  (whose idea was that) so a blog attachment is obviously the way to go.

Just for the record, I started Buggyfit as a local class to create a lifeline for Mums needing friendship and support. Having put on 5 stone in pregnancy with my first baby,  having sufferred pre natal depression with my second and supporting my best friend through Postnatal depression with her first also……

Whilst this was purely a badly punctuated, thus misconstrued statement I have decided now is the time to justify the tweet and explain its original meaning in the hope of  ‘putting it to bed’ and ending the hateful tweets that pop up in between those of support.

I will also state that those who  come to classes,  or simply support Buggyfit as a brand,  know of our empathy,  morals and everything that Buggyfit stands for, and many have joined us in fundraising.  (We have raised over £200k  for charities such as  Tommy’s, Clic Sargent, Iain Rennie, Comic relief , & work with many organisations including now the Pandas foundation.)

So I was horrified when I heard on the news that they were suggesting PND costs the country “too much money”, and here is the piece of news I was commenting on (there were many versions as it was included on all channels).    I omitted  in my 140 characters that it was  someone elses quote  I was referring to. Maybe my failing was to not put a ? after the Too much money spent, or to put it in ” marks, but the bottom line is, those who know us read it and retweeted it with the compassion it was meant. Thanks www.pandasfoundation.org.uk

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My tweet read:  “So too much money spent on mums suffering yet midwives & H.visitors can’t promote co’s helping prevent it like

My point is, that the health professionals can reach out to us (& some do) to help as a great link in the prevention/support of PND. However many more tell us, whilst they want to, and see Buggyfit as a benefit to Mums well- being and mental health, they are unable to as we charge for classes. (This is our living, we are highly trained and insured fitness professionals)

Whilst we must remember PND is not an illness linked with poverty, in fact in many cases the opposite;  in  parts of the country Buggyfit work with groups of Mums via the council and  offer subsidised classes for the health professionals to promote to Parents they suspect could do with a little group support under the guise of a fitness class. ( Not unlike my friend being offered a free gym membership to help her PND, she didn’t make use of it as she felt she needed company.)

So we fully support MIND, The Pandas Foundation campaign “It’s Ok to not be ok”,  & the Royal college of psychiatrists. Should you want to know more about their great work take a look at their sites below.

If you want to learn more about what Buggyfit offers- take a look through our site too…….and remember “it’s not just a walk in the park!”  It’s so much more if you come along you will see for yourself.





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