Tommy’s The Let’s get baby friendly Awards 2012

On Friday 16 March 2012, we here at buggyfit HQ and a couple of our buggyfit trainers Maggie Fordham (one of our Cambridge trainers) and Emma Dart (our Cheshire trainer) were all invited to the Landmark Hotel in London for the Tommy’s Let Get Baby Friendly Awards. It was a great day, but with mixed emotion as tributes were paid to the friends, families who have offered support to those who have suffered pregnancy complications or the loss of a baby. The day started with a lovely drinks reception (always a welcome break for us buggyfitters), followed by a delicious lunch and ending with the baby friendly company awards which recognise the companies making a real difference to families lives, ensuring parents needs are met. There were a handful of celebrities attending the awards too, all of which presented the awards to the winning companies and to the friends and families and brave children who had all been supported by Tommys great work through their tough and sad times. We had the lovely Kirsten O’Brien on our table and after lunch the buggyfit gang went searching for a few snaps with all the other celebrities to remember the day by…

Emma, Natalie, Emma Kirsten and Maggie all smiling for the buggyfit camera!

buggyfit HQ with the celebrities from the day...all smiling at the buggyfit camera!

buggyfit HQ with a couple of the celebrities, smiling at the buggyfit camera!

Tommys and buggyfit are joining forces again with the baby races this year to raise more funds to support all the great work they do which was showcased at this event, so please take a look at Tommys website for further details on all the races and to sign up to your nearest one.

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