Tommy’s 2012 baby races come to an end…

We joined forces with Tommy’s again this year to host 10 baby races and last weekend we had the final race which marked the end of a hugely successful fundraising campaign by Tommy’s and buggyfit.

We have just heard from Tommy’s that as of this morning (27.09.12) the total raised by all entrants stands at a fantastic £70,000. This amazing figure is more than double last years total figure and is thanks to all of the 664 people who registered and took part in the races.

Well done to all the buggyfit trainers who worked closely with Tommy’s to organise and host the amazing 10 races around the UK – well done all its a great achievement and for a fantastic cause.

A picture that we think captures the baby races this year...

To find out more information about what great work Tommy’s do please visit their website.

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