What happened to flaming June? and reading to your baby

….and still we experience every season in a day. We have taken cover in church porches and pub car parks at Buggyfit- I know, the mind boggles. We have chatted Brexit/remain in between sets of lunges, who should take the country into its new chapter and where best to spend a Sunday afternoon with kids. […]

Our Preston Leyland and Chorley trainer has gained some local media coverage…

Charlene Makinson is our buggyfit trainer for Preston, Leyland and Chorley has gained some great local exposure about her classes in Chorley in the Lancashire Telegraph. Well done Charlene, hope it bought some more customers for you! You can read the article here: The Lancashire Telegraph.  

Our Barnes and Kew buggyfit trainer, Susie Harris has had some great local press coverage…

Our buggyfit trainer Susie Harris has gone and got herself a great article all about her buggyfit classes with some great action shots too on the Barnes Mums website. To read the article in more detail and to find out about other things going on in the Barnes area please click the below link…. http://www.barnesmums.com/2012/buggyfit-barnes

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