Running with a buggy.

By 6-9 months most Mums are generally feeling fully recovered physically, with a Mummy routine starting to take shape.

This is a great time to step up the physical activity level, especially if you have enjoyed fitness in your life pre pregimg_3963nancy and have walked or exercised since the birth of your child. Prior to this many biomechanic issues may hinder your ability or enjoyment of running, and can cause immediate discomfort or long term damage, especially to the pelvis, joints and pelvic floor.

We haven’t mentioned your precious cargo. It is not recommended that you run with your baby in a buggy until 6 months to ensure his/her neck and head are strong enough to withstand the motion and terrain changes. If you are running with a buggy or purchasing a running buggy, please read the small print. Not all buggies are labelled as suitable to run with so check the manufacturer’s small print.

Running buggies must currently have a break, a wrist strap and a lockable front wheel. It is ideal to be able to adjust the handlebars to ensure good posture is achievable when buggy running. Most buggies sold in Europe are sold as suitable to run with once your baby is 6 or 9 months old.
Remember: “Don’t run before you can walk!” Build and restore your foundations, ensure your core and pelvic floor are strong before embarking on run training and you will then be able to run and run. Ignore the signs and you will take one run forwards and two back!!!

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