Product Review – Milton portable soother sterilliser

Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser is a totally unique and original method to safely sterilise soothers in and out of the home. The Milton Mini uses the quick, easy, safe and effective Milton Method of cold water sterilising to kill 99.9% of germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses) in just 15 minutes. The solution lasts up to 24 hours, therefore it can be prepared at home before leaving and is ideal for a day out, overnight stay or a car journey for example. It also provides a safe and sterile place to store a spare soother.

Lightweight and portable, it can easily be carried in your changing bag, handbag or coat pocket without weighing you down – and it is 100% watertight, meaning no risk of spills inside your bag.

The handy Velcro strap means it can easily be attached to your pushchair when out and about.

The funky pod is available in 3 vibrant colours – blue, green and purple.

  • Portable and watertight – ideal for travelling
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Peace of mind that soothers sterilised are 100% clean and germ-free (clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs)
  • Soother can be used immediately, no rinsing is required
  • Unopened, soother stay sterile in the solution for 24 hours
  • Ease of use – no complicated instructions or assembly, all is needed is tap water and a Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet.
  • Affordable & good value for money, with 10 Mini Sterilising Tablets included with the Mini.

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Milton very kindly sent Buggyfit a couple of Portable Soother Sterilisers for two of our Mum’s to road test and this was the feedback they gave:

Kate Lamare from Aylesbury

“Overall I found the product useful as easy to fix onto the pram and I could sterilise the dummy when I was out.
I had actually been using the supermarket branded 2x dummy’s in a box that could be sterilised in the microwave. As I had gotten used to using this one I haven’t used this new product very much, but it’s a very good concept”.

Liz Kehoe from Aylesbury


-lightweight and compact
-easy to follow instructions (if a bit lengthy)
-equally useful when out and about and at home
-quick to set up


– not sure how long the sponges will last as they’re already a little less clean-looking despite washing and one has a small split; how would you replace the ‘parts’ as only extra tablets seem to be in supermarket?
– I’ve gone out without the tablets a few times, would help if it could all be contained somehow!
-the shape is a bit bulky for small bags and it rolls quite a distance if dropped!
– there is a smell and a slight taste to the tablets despite claims there isn’t

“I would score it 4 out of 5 – I’m quite lazy with sterilising so probably wouldn’t have chosen this myself, but am glad I now have it as it has been useful”!



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