One of my favourite exercises.

This is a section of an article I wrote earlier this month…

So remember to keep walking everywhere at a good pace, so you raise your heart rate at every opportunity. This will increase your fitness and you won’t even notice the effort. Imagine you are always late for an appointment!  Pushing that buggy will burn even more calories too, add some inclines if you can, these will really work your legs, your butt and of course your heart and lungs..

This is one of my favourite arm workouts using a park bench. Like a lot of exercise it is ‘mean’ yet ‘effective’


Hands on the bench (fingers over the edge), start with your feet slightly away from you, keeping your backside close to the bench dip down using your arms – not your legs. Return and repeat 10 times, then increase to 15 by the end of the week.

See if you can work up to 3 sets taking a breather between each one. This catches the Tricep muscle in the top rear of your arm.

To stretch it out, see picture to the right.

Remember to stretch at end before putting

‘This Morning’ on.








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