Mr Steam It – Mucky Buggies service

When Mr Steam It contacted us here at buggyfit HQ offering his new service of hygenic steam cleaning for all Buggies and Pushairs, we knew we would not be the only ones that would jump at the chance for a buggy clean! Mr Steam It covers the Basingstoke area so when our Basingstoke buggyfit trainer Emma Perkins heard about this service she jumped at the chance to get her buggy clean.

For more information on prices and exactly what Mr Steam It can clean, please visit their website.

The review:
‘Wow, what a difference Mr Steam It can make to muddy buggy that gets a lot of use, after 2 hours of cleaning it looked brand new.  The attention to detail was amazing, getting dirt out of every crevice and removing marks from the fabric that I thought were permanent.  All the products used were natural so no nasty chemicals to irritate my little ones skin.  This wasn’t a quick wash, more like a full valet.  I have been recommending the buggy cleaning service at my BuggyFit classes as a regular clean to this standard could really prolong the life of your buggy and keep it looking good’.
Before shot: 
After shot:
Overall I would score the Mucky Buggies service 5 out of 5.
5 out of 5 prams
Tested by our North Basingstoke and Bramley buggyfit trainer, Emma Perkins.

Hove you tried the Mucky Buggies service if so please leave your rating here…

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