Get fruity!

I love it when a new healthy snack lands on my desk. Why? because I am a lover of food and snack all day everyday ( I do between 6-10 hours of exercise per week) , and also because it gives us another product to test and let you know whether we think you should try it or avoid it and spend elsewhere.


So when I saw these packages of ‘healthyness’ I was looking forward to trying them myself and seeing what other Buggyfit Mums , and toddlers thought.


Get healthy bars are made with wholegrain oats and are sweetened with fruit & fruit juice concentrate. They contain no artificial colours or flavours, no added refined sugar, each weighing 35g and containing approximately 140 calories of pretty decent stuff compared to other products on the market.  A little sweet for me, but my kids (10 and 12 years) disagreed, and unlike many other healthy snacks these little fellas do not contain nuts so are great for the nut allergy crew out there.


Our pack comprised Moist Mixed berry, Scrumptious strawberry and juicy apricot, orange and ginger flavours, six bars so we had a little taster each.  Each one was enjoyed (although unanimous Mummy favourite was the apricot one.) We think they are retailing at approx 75p each.


Give them a go and let us know if you agree. get fruity bars testers

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