End of an era

So this week brings the end of an era in the Buggyfit household as my youngest heads off to secondary school. This not only leaves me ‘out of control’ argh! but means no school run for the first time in 12 years! So rather than sloping back to bed, or polishing up on my yoga poses (yeah right!)

I decided to bake them some UGG muffins for their return.
This not only gives me mummy brownie points but I know they won’t then moan there is nothing ‘good’ to eat when they come home from school*.

I, of course am safe in the knowledge that the muffins contain nothing but true goodness and nutrition. You haven’t tried them?? – you must, give them a go! www.uggfoods.com Oh and remember to use our DISCOUNT CODE BUGGY15 to get your 15% discount.
ugg-muffinsThey come as a dry mix so ideal to keep in the cupboard and when you suddenly need a healthy sweet treat bung some eggs in and voila- it really is that simple.
(*Needless to say I was ‘top’ mum and the kids ate one each and went straight out to their football training without ravaging the fridge! Gold star for me)


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