Running- the postnatal debate!

Many experts still cannot agree on the definitive answer to this “when a postnatal Mum can or should run” as all human beings are different and all births are different.  Mum activity,  including running, has grown in popularity in the last 15 years, however most logged research has been based on elite athletes, (Paula Radcliffe […]

Trainers needed!!

Entering our 15th year delivering Buggyfit classes to keen fitness mums, less keen fitness mums and of course Dads and Grandparent carers too, we are constantly growing our team of brilliant fitness instructors to provide more fantastic and accessible Buggyfit classes.   Do you know anyone with a fitness qualification? Do you know anyone who […]

One of my favourite exercises.

This is a section of an article I wrote earlier this month… So remember to keep walking everywhere at a good pace, so you raise your heart rate at every opportunity. This will increase your fitness and you won’t even notice the effort. Imagine you are always late for an appointment!  Pushing that buggy will […]

Buggyfit in Mother and Baby Magazine

Emma Redding the founder of Buggyfit was featured in an article on how to Blitz your baby weight in the May edition of the Magazine. The article covered advice on how to lose those post pregnancy pounds safely, when you can start exercising, how far you should walk as well as how Mum’s would benenfit […]

Get fruity!

I love it when a new healthy snack lands on my desk. Why? because I am a lover of food and snack all day everyday ( I do between 6-10 hours of exercise per week) , and also because it gives us another product to test and let you know whether we think you should […]

Family Autumn getaway

We decided to get away for the first weekend of half term on a budget, and chose a ‘luxury’ static caravan in Oakdene, a Hoseasons holiday park situated in Ringwood, Dorset.  Now I had never been to a British holiday park before (a couple in France and Spain), nor stayed in a static caravan so […]

Boost your energy levels….with food!

In order to maintain good energy levels we need to eat smart.  It is not uncommon to hear Mums saying  ” I have no time to prepare healthy food for myself!”, and “by 3 o’clock I am desperate for sugar”.  Sugary foods will offer a temporary solution leading to a big slump making you feel […]

Vicki Hill

Buggyfit Location: Bristol. What is your favourite childhood memory? Being horse mad when I was young, I used to set up a course around the garden, over bumps and using a rope around the handle bars as my reins!! Spent hours out in the summer evenings riding my imaginary horse!! What is your best claim […]

Alice O’Brien

Buggyfit Location: Crystal Peaks, Sheffield. What is your favourite childhood memory? Gosh, um, lots of things spring to mind, pony trekking in Wooler in Northumberland, I rode a very clever little pony (I was almost too big to ride him but I did mainly because he was too naughty for anyone small enough). All the […]

Jo Martin

Buggyfit Location: Ealing and Chiswick. What is your favourite childhood memory? Being at Disneyland California on my 7th birthday What is your best claim to fame? My running coach when I was a teenager had previously coached Steve Ovett and he sometimes used to train with us! If you could invent an ice cream flavour […]

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