Bundle Bean

With the colder winter weather setting in…brrr! We were after some warm and cosy items for all those buggyfit babies and we came across the BundleBean and were kindly sent one to review.

BundleBean is a cosy waterproof cover that fits snugly on to to all buggies, bike seats, rear facing car seats and front style baby carriers. It also opens out flat for use as a travel picnic rug or play mat making it the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for busy parents on the go!

BundleBean fits all ages and rolls up in to a neat bundle meaning it is always with you when the weather catches you out.

To read more on the product and to purchase, please visit their website.

The review:

We really like the bundle bean, in particular, it’s been very handy to use when taking our daughter to & from the car in her stage 1 car seat in the wind & rain. We found we could fold the top bit up over her & use the elastic Velcro straps to attach it to the handle of the car seat, therefore sheltering her from the wind & rain but not causing a risk of suffocation, due to the straps being attached, so keeping the material away from her face.

We love the strap part & the zips/velcro tabs, as it means it doesn’t slip off like her blanket did when we tried to use that over her on the car seat. The waterproof backing is fab too as obviously using a blanket to shelter her from the rain, means it would get wet quite quickly & baby could get wet too.

It’s nice that its not too thick, meaning it can be used all year round – our daughter also doesn’t like the sun in her eyes, so we have used it as a sun shade in the same way as a windbreaker getting her to & from the car! In the colder weather we’ve been having, we’ve found we can still use it to transport our daughter to & from the car when she has a pram suit on over her clothes, and it’s easy to remove when in the car if its a longer journey where the car may get warm enough for her just to be in her pram suit, and Vice versa, she often won’t need a pram suit, as the bundle bean keeps her cosy enough when the weather isn’t too cold.

When you undo the zips, it’s big enough for at least 2 children to sit on as a blanket, so when the grass has been damp, we have used it as a mini picnic blanket with the waterproof side face down. Our baby has room to lie on it even when our 2 year old is sitting on it as well.

When using it on shopping trolleys, we also found it really useful, as the baby seats on the trolleys are hard plastic, so we put it on for our baby to lie on the fleece side to make her more comfortable, securing the straps to the side of the trolley. We found the bundle bean much easier to use underneath her rather than her blanket, as the straps keep it secure on the seat when we lay her on it, especially if there is only one of us with her. When we tried to do it with her blanket, it kept slipping down before we got a chance to put her on, as it was really hard to keep one hand on the blanket to stop it slipping while laying her on it at the same time.

All all, a great product, can’t think of any negatives about it at all! I would give it a score of 5 for ease of use (very easy, good photographic instructions), a score of 5 for the look of the product (nice bright colours), a 5 for versatility (easy to use lots of different ways) and a 5 for the packaging (not too much packaging, bag can be used again, card inside is informative enough for it not to need a big leaflet with detailed instructions for use). Overall a fab product, 5 out of 5! 5 out of 5 prams

The Bundle Bean was reviewed by Abbie Varley, a buggyfit mum from Walton on Thames.



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