Boost your energy levels….with food!

In order to maintain good energy levels we need to eat smart.  It is not uncommon to hear Mums saying  ” I have no time to prepare healthy food for myself!”, and “by 3 o’clock I am desperate for sugar”.  Sugary foods will offer a temporary solution leading to a big slump making you feel worse- honest! Trust me! It has taken me years to get it right and really learn what ‘slumps’ me in the afternoon as I look at the family pack of midget gems (that were) in the bin next to my desk.


As soon as I woke up and realised ‘fat doesn’t make us fat, sugar makes us fat’ it all made so much more sense. My friends who prefer savoury to sweet are slim (almost without exception).  There are some very healthy and beneficial fats we need in our diet from natural sources like nuts, avocado, oily fish, seeds, olives and coconut. Not only will these keep our energy levels up but will keep our appetite satiated.

Smart carbs- Get your carbs right, don’t ditch them, just avoid all white (refined) carbs, bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes, and swap for brown rice and pasta, quinoa, butternut squash and sweet potato. These will keep you blood sugar levels balanced and will avoid sugar from the previous carbs spiking your hormones levels. THUS creating a steady energy level.


All vegetableshealthy heart are great for us, and you may have heard the phrase ‘Eat a rainbow’. This means exactly what you think make sure your weekly vegetable intake covers all colour groups, as each colour provides different essential nutrients.


Eat protein with every meal is another rule you should try not to break.  This is tricky with mid week breakfasts if you are dashing around, but I use purition natural protein shake to keep me on track.  Don’t get me wrong, I could NEVER just have a shake for breakfast, so I make a lovely natural yogurt mix with my shake powder and add lots of berries (full of antioxidants).


Written by Emma Redding 15 October 2014

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