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What is Beyond the Buggy?

  • It is a completely online programme focusing on education and motivation based around clean eating, fitness and most importantly wellbeing. It is designed to be fully inclusive for both male and female of all shapes and sizes, of any age, and can be complimentary to your weekly Buggyfit sessions.
  • It is simply about getting back to basics in the approach to food and cooking, avoiding sugar and chemical-laiden processed, refined and packaged foods. It’s about eating real foods, as close to their natural form as possible.
  • The beyond the Buggy programme is NOT for you if you are less than six months postnatal, breastfeeding or pregnant, please read the FAQs page when you click through before buying.

Why have we teamed up with Drop it 21 to create the Beyond The Buggy programme?

Whilst we regularly chat about food and lifestyle at our Buggyfit sessions, we rarely get the time to create an individual programme for each person, so have teamed up with Drop it 21 a proven weight loss and healthy lifestyle programme to bring exactly that to you at home.

Our ethos at Buggyfit is to help you be in the best of health and to learn to love yourself. Beyond the Buggy, may be all you need to focus the mind and keep you on track with your food and drink consumption, allowing you to drop the unwanted pounds gained in pregnancy or since.

Can anyone do this programme?

It is best to commence this once you have finished breast feeding, or around the time your baby is weaning. Although much of it is purely about the right foods to nourish your body, there is also some scientific evidence backing fasting, which is NOT recommended when breast feeding or looking after a New born, it may be worth waiting a little longer.

Why is this proving more successful than other 21 day programmes out there?

With ongoing support and a programme tweaked to maximise results in just 21 days, this method of weight loss is gathering some high profile followers who find they completely change their habits and maintain the weight loss enjoying nourishing every day whole foods, tasty meals (suitable for all the family) not starving themselves and adding daily exercise to suit their fitness level, and time constraints. The package is all here for you to follow with daily updates.

When can I start?

If you would like to finally rid those extra inches and live healthier, then click the button above.

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