End of an era

So this week brings the end of an era in the Buggyfit household as my youngest heads off to secondary school. This not only leaves me ‘out of control’ argh! but means no school run for the first time in 12 years! So rather than sloping back to bed, or polishing up on my yoga […]

Olympians and Diastasis Recti

The Olympics have had me moving away from my desk and settling with a coffee most afternoons throughout July and August, and I love watching the achievements but also how different body types serve different disciplines. For example I thought all gymnasts were stick thin slightly ‘willowy’ body types, but many of them are strongly […]

One of my favourite exercises.

This is a section of an article I wrote earlier this month… So remember to keep walking everywhere at a good pace, so you raise your heart rate at every opportunity. This will increase your fitness and you won’t even notice the effort. Imagine you are always late for an appointment!  Pushing that buggy will […]

What happened to flaming June? and reading to your baby

….and still we experience every season in a day. We have taken cover in church porches and pub car parks at Buggyfit- I know, the mind boggles. We have chatted Brexit/remain in between sets of lunges, who should take the country into its new chapter and where best to spend a Sunday afternoon with kids. […]

Buggyfit at Butlins

Get your retro head on and think back to your childhood. Does it bring warm thoughts of days spent on the British coast having donkey rides on the packed beaches and ice cream? Well Butlin’s have gone all upmarket of late.  Think cool. A trendy range of accommodation (including chalets on the lake no less), […]

What’s Happened to my belly?

Article from May’s Buggyfit Mums Newsletter. ” I have chosen a piece to send you written by one of those said fab trainers running buggyfit classes, which will enlighten you with “what has happened to your belly”….and what we can help you with. Grab a cuppa (or indeed a glass of something and enjoy.” Emma Yuk […]

Milton and Buggyfit Partnership

Milton announced their partnership with Buggyfit in Nursery Today. Milton is our preferred partner for sterilisation products while on the go. You can read the whole article here

Working out with a baby is pramtastic – feature on Buggyfit in the Sun – May 16th

This article featured a great review of one of our buggyfit sessions in the Brighton area. The journalist Isabelle Loynes attended a buggyfit class with her little one and gave her feedback on the session in the article afterwards. Isabelle says that “buggyfit was a rare chance to do something for myself”. The beauty of […]

Activity levels in mums and children ‘directly linked’ BBC news

Buggyfit has been mentioned in an article on the BBC news website in the health section. The article talks about the link between how physically active a mum is will have an impact on how active her child will be. You can read the full article here

The benefits of walking and running with a buggy

  Emma Redding – Buggyfit Founder says pregnant and postnatal women are now encouraged to exercise a little every day, with the same guidelines from the government as the rest of the population.  This is fantastic, however there are many rules, on when and how we should go about it. Many Mums want to get […]

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