Alice O’Brien

AliceOBrienBuggyfit Location: Crystal Peaks, Sheffield.

What is your favourite childhood memory? Gosh, um, lots of things spring to mind, pony trekking in Wooler in Northumberland, I rode a very clever little pony (I was almost too big to ride him but I did mainly because he was too naughty for anyone small enough). All the ponies were rescues and had issues! Swimming 25m for the first time, with one of my brothers friends walking along the side of the pool encouraging me poor lad was freezing cold! Sitting in the mini bus on the way to rowing regattas with two crews of sixth form boys, bench seats and definitely no seatbelts, crazy and fun times.

What is your best claim to fame? Possibly running a ‘spin’ cycling class for our local professional ice hockey team. I love mens sport!

If you could invent an ice cream flavour what would it be? As long as I can get pineapple or banana or good old vanilla I’m happy with those.

What is your favourite book and tv programme? TV program is ‘House’ lots of my friends told me about it, then the first episode I watched featured the bleeding disorder which I have, (auto immune thrombocytopenia) so I was hooked !!!

I love reading and I’m struggling to think of just one favourite, ask me everyday and I’ll probably say something different. At the moment I have been reading sports biographies that I was given at Christmas, Ian Thorpes book and Braddley Wiggins ‘My Time’ and the rower Greg Searles book ‘If not now, when’ Gregs is my favourite so far….

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