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After the birth of my son in 2002 and four stones heavier, I knew I had to shift the weight as it was unhealthy and uncomfortable. It became apparent very quickly that there were no health and fitness experts locally to help me get back in shape. So I kicked into my own regime, but of course, finding the time to exercise with a new baby and having to fit in with limited crèche times at the gym, the excuses were already there for me!

I engaged a little more self-discipline and walked every day. A good brisk pace in the fresh air, which benefited my son too. It wasn’t long before friends wanted to join me (instead of sitting around at coffee mornings).

I retrained as a personal trainer when my son was 10 months old. I chose a course with a heavy emphasis on pre and postnatal fitness. As I knew I wanted to specialise in Pre and postnatal fitness I became a member of The Guild of Postnatal Exercise Teachers and did further research into safe and effective workouts and created the Buggyfit programs of exercise.

I have been astounded at the number of like-minded women in the world who have become Buggyfit members. Some joining Buggyfit classes when their first baby is 6 weeks old and continuing through their pregnancy with a second and third baby and on from there. Others have become Buggyfit trainers to expand the network of available classes throughout the UK and now Overseas too!

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